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Why should I whisper in a church? Because they say it’s sacred ground? You see, there’s nothing here, I’ve found.

Imagine Kate was your daughter. Imagine your daughter Kate Bush coming in and saying ‘mum/dad can you come and listen to this?’ and then she plays this. Wouldn’t you just cry your eyes out? Every time I hear one of her early demos they’re so raw it feels like you’re in the room and I really just want to cry at how beautiful a moment it must have been when these were recorded.

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Issey Miyake, s/s 1985


Issey Miyake, s/s 1985

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bron did a 'grunge' make up look video and her talking about brody dalle (yeh i was obsessed with her and her make up) reminded me of a sam chapman tutorial i was rly into. so i did some sort of version of the two. i love the flashback i get on the high points of my face from the spf in my moisturiser, it means i don’t even have to use a dewy foundation and makes me look like a greasy mole which i think is rly hot.

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Georgia O’Keeffe, Nude no.12 - 1917


Georgia O’Keeffe, Nude no.12 - 1917

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I love cirith ungol so much I wanna cry

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