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Drew Barrymore.


Drew Barrymore.

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pastriverrun asked: uh gosh this is just straight up fan mail from across the ocean, yr look with this glowing skin debut is pretty showstopping. also what are your views on blush application?? i've only ever used a coral-y blush (pretty pale here) and i see the NARS blush you're using is pretty dang pink (and fucking lovely btw). do you branch out with blush colors or do you stick with the same?

cheers mate!! yeah mistinguette is a bright pink in the pan but it definitely doesn’t look that colour on skin unless ya go in hard with it. i love blush but i don’t use it all the time and i don’t have heaps of it. my best mate got me a blush palette last year and i’ve only purchased one blush since just cos i have most bases covered hey. blush can be made as severe or as subtle as you want it depending on how much you use and how ya blend it. i like it all ways, like an extreme deep berry stripe down the cheek for cool goth looks (CALVIN KLEIN velvet blush in berry shimmer is perfect for that) but soft application with a wash of a bronze illuminator over the top is how i generally do it. 
a really sick thing to get is a blush brick, this one is by PALLADIO and it’s called herbal mosaic powder in the colour pink truffle:

i like things like this because i can single out the colours or do a swirl in the pan to make a perfect mixture. it also helps if ya wanna branch out but don’t know where to start. or also if yr a fan of getting bang for yr buck. i generally prefer dark pinks that get described as “tea rose”, “rose gold”, “deep” and “musk” a lot. the thing i use most often is deep throat by NARS or the brown panels from the PALLADIO brick. i’m pretty pale too so i hope this helps!! (ps. go to cherryculture.com they have a huge range of cheap cosmetics that are good quality in a shitload of different formulations) 

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IRON MAIDEN - phantom of the opera live in 1980

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