today is the exact one year anniversary of going to dun-well donuts in brooklyn for the first time oooomg. i had blueberry and the photo doesn’t do it justice as it’s not spectacular food photography because, likeeee, i fucking wanted to …e a t… it. my friend went to order and said “she’s been bitching about a vegan donut for months so we want some vegan donuts” (just doesn’t get how crucial donuts are) and i just paced around the store drooling and took fucking ages to choose just one. then i fell in crush with the cute person in the bow tie behind the counter because he was giving me a donut and i associated him with getting something i care about (sweet baked goods). we went to boston for a week and all i could think about was wanting a dun-well donut, so when were back in brooklyn i was dun-well bent. i had three in one sitting because i knew it was the last time we’d be there before flying back to australia and then i ruined my dinner. and by ruined i mean donuts became the perfect dinner. you have to understand that whilst i have tasted several vegan donuts since then over the year, nothing compares. yes, the vegan produce in melbourne is great and donuts are fucking awesome in any case and they’re all amazing. but these are like…phenomenal. fuck. 

PS. @clambistro !!!!! 

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