make up products i used today

  • NATIO pure mineral face primer *
  • NYX studio perfect photo-loving primer in anti-redness
  • SUN SENSE daily face invisible tint finish SPF 30+ *
  • MAYBELLINE fit me foundation stick in 120 classic ivory
  • MAYBELLINE dream pure BB cream in light
  • MAYBELLINE dream lumi touch concealer in 01 ivory *
  • RIMMEL stay matte pressed powder in 001 transparent

eyes and cheeks:

  • NYX eyebrow cake powder in 02 dark brown
  • RIMMEL professional eyebrow pencil in 004 black brown
  • RIMMEL scandaleyes eye shadow stick in 002 bulletproof beige *
  • MAYBELLINE the mega plush volum’ express in 103 brownish black
  • NARS bronzer in laguna *
  • W7 blusher duo in 04 *

i put an asterisk next to the products that provide an illuminating or “dewy skin” effect for anyone interested in branching out from matte make up. i don’t usually put on two different foundation type products, but for a creamier finish and more coverage i used the fit me foundation today. if i put on an illuminating primer AND an illuminating SPF i use a matte bb cream or foundation because my regular foundation (RIMMEL match perfection) would make my whole face a ball of light. for the same reason, i didn’t use my regular highlighter powder (NARS devotee) or my liquid illuminator (REVLON photoready skinlights face illuminator) that i would usually put over matte foundation. i have nothing against layering products that all have highlight in them, i think that’d be so glamorous cos i’m really in to the super sheen but i just generally like to do toned down stuff to go to work, which i am today. i’m trying to get more of the illuminating stuff down in the complexion make up or even as the base on my face rather than putting it on the top, just to see if it works better for me. if yr after an even dewier face so want to skip powdering to keep yr make up in place, use NYX setting spray in dewy finish.

in case anyone is interested in skin care, which is a fuckin huge part of getting glowing skin, i’m listing the products i use the most to achieve a clear and bright complexion:

  • LUSH mask of magnaminty exfoliating cleanser, OR
  • CETAPHIL oily skin cleanser
  • NATIO ageless rehydrating toner, OR
  • LUSH breath of fresh air toner
  • LUSH full of grace facial serum bar
  • ELIZABETH ARDEN millenium day renewal emulsion, OR
  • NATIO sensitive skin calming moisturising day cream gel
  • ELIZABETH ARDEN good morning eye treatment

please tell me yr favourite moisturisers for combination skin and what illuminating products you like to use!! 

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